IMPORTANT announcements:

Enrollment in GUROP for Fall 2020 is open. First and important, complete this google form in order to indicate your intention to register for mentored research. Please note that you will receive permission (PDP) before you can register on MyAccess. This permission will be based on your doing the google form, and corroboration from your research mentor. The formal, best deadline for UROP registration is the add/drop deadline on Sept 4, 2020. This is how students add UROP. Understanding that students and faculty projects will not necessarily be set by up Sept 4, special registration is possible through September for GUROP and the Registrar to manually add your UROP section/CRN after a PDP has been generated. We certainly hope that students and faculty will continue to participate in GUROP. Take care. See more below.

NB: Payment of GUROP stipends, including need-based, is suspended for 2020-2021.

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Important: The process to sign up for GUROP during the academic year [and for “regular” GUROP (i.e., NOT the competitive application for summer full-time GUROP) in the summer] is sort of like adding a course.  The first step is to complete an online (G)UROP enrollment application. This google form will be available for a limited period through each add/drop period and, during Fall 2020, for a few more weeks until October 1. (G)UROP will endeavor as much as possible to adhere to the add/drop deadlines. Some faculty will not automatically have a (G)UROP section or CRN, but one will be created by the Registrar’s Office with GUROP after the student has completed the enrollment application form (link above).

Do NOT use any old forms to be found on archived GUROP webpages you may inadvertently find.

Otherwise, the expectations of GUROP research participation will be the same as ever: a minimum of 60 hours over the course of the semester with close mentoring or supervision by Georgetown faculty.

Even through these difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic and the necessity of remote learning, GUROP continues to offer motivated students the opportunity to learn the discipline and experience the rewards of scholarly research by working with Georgetown faculty in almost all disciplines on the faculty member’s own research.

Have fun! Do good work!

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