Semester Application

Big news for GUROP Participants!

We have created a "renewal" form for students and faculty who intend to continue their research projects for consecutive semesters.

GUROP Renewal Form:

1. Complete the short student/faculty data form. (Note: Only the student needs to do this.)
2. Complete, sign, and submit the Faculty-Student Agreement.  (Note: Both faculty and student must sign, and return the form to Gervase B-03, ICC 650, or send electronically to
NOTE WELL: Do NOT do the renewal process if this will be the first GUROP experience for your faculty-student research partnership.

GUROP Application procedures for First-Time participants:

1. A GUROP Student Data Form. Student applicants MUST complete this form online order to gain approval for the research assistantship.
2. A Faculty Research Project Description. Faculty research mentors will submit this form to provide more detail about what the research is about, and what qualifications are required/desired in the GUROP research assistant.
3. A Faculty-Student Assistantship Agreement. Faculty and student complete this form together, and submit as hard copy.  Make a copy for your records.

The deadline for GUROP form submission is September 20 (fall), January 20 (spring), and June 20 (summer).