Frequently Asked Questions

Please check out all other pages of the GUROP website for more detailed information about new procedures to enroll in GUROP.

How long does participation in GUROP last?
The program can be undertaken for one or more semesters.  Many students participate for five or six consecutive semesters, and often continue with a project into summer. 

How many students per semester are in GUROP?
As many assistantships will be awarded as there are acceptable projects and timely enrollment forms are submitted.

How often can I be a GUROP Research Assistant?
A student may be a GUROP Research Assistant multiple times; most typically, students do GUROP for two or more semesters., beginning in their sophomore or junior year.

What happens if a student or faculty member misses a deadline?
If deadlines are missed and research time expectations cannot be reasonably met, please apply for the next semester.

Are there any exceptions to missed deadlines?
Not usually, but it’s always worth asking.   We want students to take advantage of this valuable opportunity.

How do I apply?
Please visit procedures and eligibility.

What is the GUROP commitment?
During the term of the assistantship, the student will spend at least 60 hours working with the faculty mentor on the research. How the faculty member and student arrange their schedules for research is flexible; however, GUROP recommends that there be a relatively evenly distributed amount of hours per week to assist students’ other time commitments. GUROP advisors recognize that the schedules of research project vary.  Students are also expected to work a minimum of 10 weeks of GUROP approved service during a given semester.

What acknowledgement does a GUROP Research Assistant receive?
A notation will be added to each student’s official transcript noting that the student has participated in mentored undergraduate research in a specified field/subject.   It will appear as a “Undergrad Research Opp Program” as an entry for the specific semester of participation.

Faculty mentors and their assistants are invited to present their work in a poster format and discuss the research experience informally in several research colloquia or conference events showcasing student research. These events usually take place in the April each year.  Actual dates TBD.

How is GUROP evaluated?
At the end of each term, faculty mentors and assistants will be asked to evaluate overall participation but most importantly to “grade” the UROP course: “CP” = complete and the notation will appear; “NC” = not complete and no notation will occur – so there is no penalty for not being able to complete the research expectations.

Can I do a GUROP project and receive credit for a registered course using the same research?
A GUROP assistantship, especially during the regular semesters, is the same as or strongly related to the actual research of an individual faculty member.  It is rarely the student’s independent research or reading.  For independent work during the regular academic year (Fall and Spring semester), there are designated course numbers in each department specifically for that purpose.  On the other hand, please note that a summer GUROP fellowship (full-time research experience) often entails independent, or less closely mentored work.