Procedures and Eligibility

Eligibility for students:

Sophomores and above in good academic standing.  No minimum GPA requirement but a student new to GUROP should have at least a B average, usually not less than 3.25.  First year (freshmen) students may participate during their first spring semester with approval.  Transfer students are eligible upon matriculation.

Procedures for students:

Complete a “regular” (G)UROP Enrollment Form

GUROP will email students with approval and instructions for registering for the (G)UROP course.

Contact the faculty research mentor to discuss the terms of the position, including overall time commitment, time distribution, and what you will be expected to do.  NB: GUROP research is not a work/study job.  

All Main Campus faculty, tenure-track or adjunct, who are pursuing original research, are strongly encouraged to mentor undergraduates via GUROP.  

Medical Center and Law Center faculty (principal investigators) are invited to participate, as are their post-docs and advanced PhD students provided they can supervise undergraduates in this original research.


NB: Payment of GUROP stipends, including need-based, is suspended for 2020-2021.

All students participating in research for a minimum number of hours per term (at least 60 hours) will have participation in GUROP noted as a no-credit “UROP” course on their transcripts. 

There is no prohibition that a student may otherwise be compensated monetarily for work as a research assistant from a faculty member’s own sponsored research funds, or through departmental work-study funds.