Procedures and Eligibility

Eligibility for students:
Sophomores and above in good academic standing.  No minimum GPA requirement but a student new to GUROP should have at least a B average, usually not less than 3.25.  First year (freshmen) students may participate spring semester with approval.  Transfer students are eligible upon matriculation.

Procedures for students:

  1. Forms can be downloaded from this website or contact Sonia Jacobson (Gervase B-03,
  2. Contact the faculty research mentor to discuss the terms of the position, including overall time commitment, time distribution, and what you will be expected to do.  NB: GUROP research is not a work/study job.  Students involved in GUROP are engaged intellectually with the research, although the level of responsiblity will vary with time involved and experience.
  3. Fill out the Faculty-Student Assistantship Agreement form, and sign along with the faculty mentor. Make copies.  Submit the original to the Office of the Provost (ICC 650) or in the GUROP office (Gervase B-03).  Or scan and email to  Give one copy to the faculty mentor, and keep one for yourself.

Eligibility for faculty:
All Main Campus faculty, tenure-track or adjunct, who are pursuing original research.
Medical and Law Center faculty are invited to participate provided faculty submit a Research Project Description.

Procedures for faculty:

  1. Fill out a Faculty Data and Research Description form (link on this website).
  2. Upon selecting an assistant, fill out the Faculty-Student Assistantship Agreement form with the student and retain a copy of the form.
  3. At the end of the term you will be contacted to approve recognition (transcript notation) for student's research, and to complete a program evaluation form.

Recognition and/or Payment:

  1. All students participating in research for a minimum number of hours per term (at least 60 hours) will have a simple notation (not credit) added to their transcripts ["Undergraduate Research Assistant, (semester/year)"]
  2. GUROP has very limited term-time funding for "high-need" students as identified by the Office of Student Financial Services.  A limited amount of funds will be set aside each semestser for this purpose, and an early submission of the Faculty-Student Agreement form is highly advised.  Qualified students will be funded on a first-come first-served basis.  Students requesting consideration for a research stipend must sign the waiver in the center of the Faculty-Student Agreement form.
  3. There is no prohibition that a student may otherwise be compensated monetarily for work as a research assistant.  Students may be paid through a faculty member's own sponsored research funds, or through departmenal work-study funds.  If faculty have such funding, and would like to help pay a research assistant, please indicate the source of such funding on the Research Project Description.