Procedures and Eligibility

Eligibility for students:
Sophomores and above in good academic standing.  No minimum GPA requirement but a student new to GUROP should have at least a B average, usually not less than 3.25.  First year (freshmen) students may participate during their first spring semester with approval.  Transfer students are eligible upon matriculation.

Procedures for students:

  1. Enrollment forms can be downloaded from this website or found in the offices of the Deans (varies), Registrar (lower level White-Gravenor), Provost (ICC 650), and in the GUROP office (Gervase B-03,
  2. Contact the faculty research mentor to discuss the terms of the position, including overall time commitment, time distribution, and what you will be expected to do.  NB: GUROP research is not a work/study job.  Students involved in GUROP are engaged intellectually with the research, although the level of responsiblity will vary with time involved and experience.
  3. Fill out the GUROP enrollment form, and get the faculty research mentor's signature. Drop off the form in the Office of the Provost (ICC 650) or in the GUROP office (Gervase B-03). It may be wise to make a copy.

Eligibility for faculty:


Although not required for a student to enroll in GUROP, new faculty participants are encouraged to complete a Faculty Research Project Description with details about the topic of the research, the resarch skills of a research assistant whether required or recommended, whether there is a possibility of compensation from a grant or department funds for the student assistant, etc.  Click here for a link to the Faculty Research Project Description.

All Main Campus faculty, tenure-track or adjunct, who are pursuing original research.
Medical and Law Center faculty are invited to participate provided faculty they too are involved in original research, and are recommended to do an online Faculty Research Project Description.

Recognition and/or Payment:

  1. All students participating in research for a minimum number of hours per term (at least 60 hours) will have a participation in GUROP noted as a zero-credit course on their transcripts. 
  2. GUROP has very limited term-time funding for "high-need" students as identified by the Office of Student Financial Services.  A limited amount of funds will be set aside each semestser for this purpose, and an early submission of the enrollment form is highly advised.  Qualified students will be funded on a first-come first-served basis.  Students requesting consideration for a research stipend must sign the waiver in the center of the Faculty-Student Agreement form.
  3. There is no prohibition that a student may otherwise be compensated monetarily for work as a research assistant.  Students may be paid through a faculty member's own sponsored research funds, or through departmental work-study funds.