GUROP Summer Fellowship

GUROP Summer Fellowship applications are due Wednesday, March 22, 2017, at 5pm.
Please use the GUROP Fellowship online application, and submit all other materials as instructed on this informational page.
Kalorama Summer Fellowship applications are due WEDNESday, March 22, 2017, at 5pm.
Please use the Kalorama Fellowship online application, and submit all other materials as instructed on this informational page


The summer GUROP and Kalorama Fellowships accord a student a funded, full-time experience in order to pursue a research topic in a more sustained manner, allowing inquiry with greater depth over more time. These summer fellowship programs are available only to undergraduate students at Georgetown University.   

The distinction between the two programs is that GUROP is more highly mentored, even supervised, and the research proposed often draws from the faculty mentor's own research, or is highly related, or the same.   On the other hand, a Kalorama grant is for a more independent project.   The research idea is the student's and the faculty member closely mentors.   The research is not the same as the mentor's own research.   Additionally, a Kalorama grant may be part-time (for a smaller grant) as is appropriate to the project and the student's summer plans.  

GUROP projects come from all fields, with a large number in the sciences.   Kalorama actively seeks humanities proposals, and also projects in the social sciences and environmental studies. 

The following links provide important information about the summer Fellowship application process. Read carefully.  Both GUROP and Kalorama applications require the same basic components.


For further information, please contact:

Sonia Jacobson
Director, GUROP