Students applying for a competitive GUROP or Kalorama summer fellowship grant should read the following carefully.

How to submit your application:
  1. Complete GUROP/Kalorama online application.
  2. Copy and paste the additional components into one Word document. Include your name as the title of your attachment as, eg., “Jane Hoya–GUROP (or Kalorama) Application.” Save as PDF.
  3. Faculty letters of support may be included in the PDF or, as some faculty prefer, emailed or dropped off separately.
  4. Email your application to by 5pm on Friday,  March 20, 2020. 
A complete application consists of the following components:
  • Online GUROP/Kalorama application (google form). This is for everyone EXCEPT Biology majors.
  • NB: if you are a BIOLOGY major, and are applying for GUROP, Biology Dept grants, or even Kalorama (environmental science), complete this online BIOLOGY google form. For more info, see Prof. Shweta Bansal.
  • Descriptive research proposal written by the student. The proposal usually will be 8-10 type-written, double-spaced pages describing:
    • The work the student has been doing with the faculty mentor
    • A complete plan for a research project that you would like to pursue, written in a clear, concise, and original statement. Your statement should demonstrate your understanding of research design and methodology and explain the relationship to your previous research.  This would also include how you became interested in the topic.  Please review this narrative for both substance and style with your faculty research mentor and other knowledgeable individuals in the field of study. Charts/graphs/tables, etc. may be included as extra pages.
    • How this work will contribute to your education, skills and intellectual goals.
  • Timeline of activities for the duration of the summer research (8-10 weeks). Research funded by GUROP or Kalorama should be the student’s primary (full-time) focus during the summer. NB: Kalorama can be half-time, but that would be understood in advance, for half-funding.
  • Itemized budget of specific research expenses, approved as necessary by the faculty research mentor, and additional to any already provided by laboratory or other research site.
  • Résumé (one page, current).
  • Transcript (unofficial is acceptable but will be verified), including a list of courses in progress
  • Letter(s) of support from the faculty research mentor(s) and any other relevant parties. Letters of support can be included with the student’s proposal and other materials, or emailed to or dropped off in the GUROP office (Gervase B03).
  • Inclusion of documentation of any special special requirements for certain students and fields of study, e.g., IRB approval (or evidence that the application is in process), completion of OGE’s Travel Authorization, etc.

Application Deadline: GUROP – 5pm on Friday, March 20, 2020.

Kalorama – 5pm on Friday, March 20, 2020