Criteria for Selection

The student is encouraged to work closely with the faculty mentor in developing the summer research proposal. The following considerations are important for a successful application:

  • How well the student and mentor describe the research and how excited they seem about it
  • The faculty research mentor’s requirements of the student, including the degree of genuine intellectual involvement in the research by the student, as well as the extent of the student’s previous and future relationship to the overall faculty project
  • The relative importance of this research both to the student (i.e., future academic interests, expansion on/ development of senior thesis, etc.) and the faculty (e.g., book in progress, etc.)
  • How confident the GUROP selection Committee is that the project will succeed, as may be evidenced by the student’s record, faculty publications record, research already accomplished and feasibility of the proposal.
  • How thorough and complete the student’s application is with regard to any requirements specific to the proposal itself, e.g., IRB approval.