Eligibility for a Summer Research Fellowship

  • Undergraduate degree status in any of Georgetown’s undergraduate schools.
  • Good academic standing. The summer GUROP Fellowship applicant pool is a highly competitive one; the average grade point average of a summer fellowship applicant is ~ 3.6.  A high GPA indicates a hard-working student focused on coursework. Research always requires hard work, but also originality and an ability to consider all sides of a problem.
  • For GUROP – Previous research with Georgetown faculty in any academic discipline. The student researcher should have been closely-mentored and engaged, as appropriate, in the intellectual content of the research.
  • For KALORAMA & RAINES – The research question proposed is original to the student, but has the support and availability of a faculty member to advise and redirect as appropriate. The student’s previous coursework and employment may reflect the student’s abiding interest in the topic.
  • Rising sophomore, junior or senior status. Students who will have received their undergraduate degrees prior to the summer of proposed participation are not eligible.
  • Note: You cannot receive course credit for a funded undergraduate research assistantship.